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    Welcome to Sludge Oil Slop Inc.

    Sludge Oil Slop Inc is a registered shipping service provider company. We pride ourselves as being an Sludge Oild Slop removal, ship cleaning specialized company providing our specialized services in the shipping industries.

    Our Mission We seek to establish dealing with clients that will clean up the ships and provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities for all involved To financially reward our ‘Clients’ by providing them with state of the art services and support in the  shipping industries While improving our financial status, we will be creating a healthy environment.

    We have enough team work to discharging sludge from ship and cleaning of in all ships. We provide other services to shipping related which are Ship Chandling, Sludge oil removing, ship cleaning, stevedoring, ship generated garbage removal etc. Read more…

    Why Sludge Oil Slop Inc?

    • Long time experience

    • Advanced Skill to provide best services

    • Experts Staff with certified knowledge

    • Multiple Service by One Business

    • Excellent Communication with All Ship Ower

    • Having or Associated company’s stock yard

    • Enough storage for waste oil and good contacts for  resale it.

    • Quality Oriented Services

    • Best Customer Relationship

    • Available on 24 hours on time

    • Timely manner and friendly attitude

    • And many more